Sweetcake Mountain Preserve

Charles, Robert, Catlin Fox and Rebecca Rice
39.9 acres
Deciduous forest, rock outcroppings
Hiking trails (moderate)
Parking is available at the entrance to the property both directly in front of the CVRLT kiosk and across the street in the graveled area.

Sweetcake Mountain Preserve is an incredibly beautiful property that is comprised of open deciduous forest, dense mountain laurel under story, hemlock stands and rock outcroppings, like the “Comer.”  From the top, Sweetcake Mountain Preserve offers spectacular views of Candlewood Lake.  This property was donated by the Fox family to preserve the land in its natural state in perpetuity. There are about 2 miles of trail winding through the forest and passing the “Fox Family Memorial,” an outcrop of bedrock inscribed by the Fox children honoring their parents Charles and Dorothea Fox, who were longtime residents of New Fairfield.

44 Wood Creek Road, New Fairfield, CT

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