Nazarro Preserve

Louis and Anthony Nazzaro
4.13 acres
Upland Forest
Hiking and walking via the Ives Trail (from easy to moderate).
Parking Notes: There is no direct parking available at the Nazzarro Preserve. The closest parking is available at the Long Ridge United Methodist Church at 201 Long Ridge Road Danbury, CT. Parking is allowed every day except Sunday. Exit the parking lot and walk approximately 0.25 miles up Long Ridge Road to the entrance of Ives Trail drop off lot (parking not allowed) on the west side of the road. Walk across the bridge and over the crest of the hill to the Nazarro Preserve.

The Nazzaro Preserve is situated behind (north of) house lots with frontage on Wicks Manor Drive and is composed of upland oak-hemlock forest type on west-northwest facing slopes.  The property boasts an impressive northern red, white, and black oak overstory and hemlock midstory canopy on boulder-strewn slopes leading to two peaked knolls.  The property can also be accessed via the Ive’s Trail System.  The Ives Trail Greenway is a regional trail connecting parks and open spaces in four towns of Fairfield County. The 17-mile trail traverses Bennett’s Pond State Park and Pine Mountain Reserve in Ridgefield; Wooster Mountain State ParkTarrywile Park, and the Barnard, Schwab, Wiedel Preserves in Danbury; Terre Haute open space in Bethel; and Bogus Brook Preserve in Redding.

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