Soak in the Views of Ball Pond

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Life is good by Ball Pond! Hahlawah Preserve is a Conservation Easement from the Town of New Fairfield, spanning 11 acres over three non-contiguous parcels. A small walking trail meanders through the forested wetlands that hug Ball Pond. The flat trail is perfect for a relaxing and refreshing stroll.
The smallest parcel is deeded with community access rights to Ball Pond for passive water recreation. A bench sits at the pond’s edge, allowing you to appreciate the view. The movements of the small tides are enough to put you in a dreamy trance.
The informational kiosk is a great resource to learn about the importance of native species and the tireless efforts of our community – especially the Friends of Ball Pond – to care for lake health and manage invasive species. You can also take yourself back in time by reading about Hahlawah’s history.
Hahlawah Preserve is the ideal spot to appreciate nature without wandering far. Please do not park at Ball Pond East. There is no curb. Instead, park on Weldon Woods Road and walk across the street to access the parcel on the corner of Ball Pond East and Weldon Woods Road.

Features of the preserve include: dog-friendly walking trails, water access, and fishing access. Learn more here: