The Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust (CVRLT) has one goal—protecting natural areas in the Candlewood Valley area for today and for future generations.

CVRLT protects 478 acres of unspoiled open space. You can take a hike or walk on our trails, splash in the ponds adjacent to several properties, watch birds, catch frogs, take nature photos, or simply relax.

To help keep people connected to the land, CVRLT offers frequent guided hikes, and talks, on our properties and on trails throughout the Candlewood Valley.

Nature is our home and our sanctuary. Please help us protect it.

How to Celebrate Earth Day

April 19th, 2023 By

The 53rd Earth Day is Saturday, April 22. So, what is Earth Day? How did it come to be? How do we celebrate Earth Day? Find out in this informative […]
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Spring Appeal

April 5th, 2023 By

Every year, trees in our yards, parks, and forests lead us and our neighboring wildlife into spring. After trees conserve energy during winter’s cold, shorter daylight hours, the longer, warmer […]
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Donate to CVRLT’s Holiday Appeal

April 5th, 2023 By

As an accredited land trust, we protect the land, water, vegetation, and wildlife on our preserves, and maintain trails and educational kiosks to help visitors safely enjoy nature’s many beautiful […]
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