Hidden Valley Nature Center

24 Gilotti Road, New Fairfield, CT

Conservation Easement from the Town of New Fairfield
14 acres
Hidden Valley Pond, upland, wooded slopes, and wetlands.
Walking trail (easy), biking.  Access to a pond.
A parking lot is located directly in front of the Preserve across from the intersection of Gillotti Road and Indian Hill Road.

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Hidden Valley Nature Center was created in 1960 by a small group of New Fairfield residents as both a wildlife sanctuary and an environmental education center. The property is adjacent to New Fairfield public schools and is accessible via a connecting trail.  On December 6, 2000 the Town of New Fairfield granted a conservation easement to the (then) New Fairfield Land Trust to assure that the property remains in its natural…forested, and open space condition to provide significant aesthetic, recreational, and educational opportunities to the public in perpetuity.  A lovely trail loops through the property and provides an easy walk, as well as a boardwalk over marshy areas.

24 Gilotti Road, New Fairfield, CT

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