Finn’s Land and Demento Preserves

Gary Mead and Marie and Frank Demento
20 acres
Forestland & wetland
Hiking, walking trails, biking
Parking is on-street. Please do not block neighbors’ driveways. Be sure to park between driveways. The trail easement is marked by a sign just to the right of the mailbox at #15 Rock Ridge Court.

The Finn’s Land and Demento Preserves lie near the top of Dick Finn Road.   Finn’s Land Preserve’s nearly 15-acre parcel was chosen as dedicated open space during the subdivision of Rock Ridge Court. The Demento Preserve’s 5-acre parcel abuts Finn’s Land Preserve and was conserved in 2019 to expand the contiguous open space.  The properties abut CL&P lands, Pootatuck State Forest, and a large undeveloped estate designated for conservation. Half of this densely forested area is a wetland with vernal pools and a stream. Access to the trails is over an easement on the left side of the cul de sac at the end of Rock Ridge. Trail access is marked with a sign. The easement area runs downhill with a few small switch backs and a couple of intermit­tent brook crossings in the Spring. The beginning of Finn’s Land Preserve is indicated by a land trust sign. From the land trust sign, the trail bends gently to the right and is flat to the end of our property where the trail crosses on to CL&P land. Look for the loop on the left where you can cross the stream.