Komlo Preserve

Joseph Komlo
26 acres
Meadows, forested wetlands, man-made pond
Walking, hiking and biking trail (easy). Pond access.
Dedicated parking area at bottom of the driveway below the medical building

Komlo Preserve is an idyllic setting with open meadows, wildlife sanctuary, forested wetlands, a man-made pond and situated right in the center of town. This donation came from Joseph Komlo as the Open Space for the Dunham Pond Condominiums. The pond, which was made when gravel was mined for the building of Route 37, is home to a wide array of wildlife. Beavers, ducks and geese all rely on this habitat. There is also a sizable heronry right at the edge of the forest. This property is the southern end of the Shortwoods Brook Aquifer.  A .5-mile trail runs from the parking lot and dead-ends at a stream where wooden benches are located.