Donate to the Candlewood Valley Regional Land TrustOUR LAND. OUR HOME.

The Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust (CVRLT) has one goal—protecting natural areas in the Candlewood Valley area for today and for future generations.


CVRLT protects 478 acres of unspoiled open space. You can take a hike or walk on our trails, splash in the ponds adjacent to several properties, watch birds, catch frogs, take nature photos, or simply relax.


To help keep people connected to the land, CVRLT offers frequent guided hikes, and talks, on our properties and on trails throughout the Candlewood Valley.


Nature is our home and our sanctuary. Please help us protect it.


2023 Loving Our Lands Photo Contest Has Begun!

Candlewood Valley Regional Land Trust’s 2023 Photography Contest is underway. Enter now through Sunday, August 27th! Vote through Friday evening, September 1st. Check out the Photo Contest


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